CSI: Commonly Stolen Items

Despite the best efforts of home security systems, community watch groups and local police departments, homes are burglarized every day. While certain neighborhoods and parts of the country see lower crime trends than others, there are always consistencies in why homes are robbed and what criminals are looking for. The answer may be simpler than one would think.It’s not televisions, computers or electronic equipment that is most often stolen from households nationwide, even as more and more of these technologically sophisticated items permeate the population regardless of socioeconomic status. Rather, cash is still the most stolen item in burglaries today. Even other some items are often swiped with cash in mind. What happens to your fancy laptop or speakers when they disappear from your home? Aside from some smaller scale cases of petty crime, it is most likely not intended for personal use. Instead, these items are sold to pawn shops or on street corners, often times for relative pennies to the dollar, as cash is difficult to trace back to the culprit and openly exchanged for any sort of good or service. Technologically advanced items, on the other hand, run the risk of being tracked or identified, either by unique identification number or Global Positioning Device, which must be expertly removed or disarmed to avoid suspicion/apprehension.

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