Keeping the House Safe While Away on Spring Break

Keeping the kids and house safe while out on Spring Break is a huge concern for most parents. Not only are family vacations riddled with accidents, most burlargies happen when homeowners are away for extended periods of time, such as on a trip. Here are a few ways to keep your home safe while you’re out of town:
Have someone pick up your mail. Criminals are always looking for signals that a house is empty and mail in the mailbox and newspapers in the driveway are a sure sign that no one’s home. Also invest in some timers for central lights in the house to make it look occupied.
Consider investing in an alarm. Security alarms are often the only thing that deters a criminal from breaking in, so do research in your area (for example, Google Atlanta home security) to find dealers with the right equipment for your home.
Notify neighbors you’re leaving. The best defense is a human one and the more eyes on your empty home, the better. Tell your neighbors to look out for suspicious behavior or trespassers until you return.
Following these simple guidelines may mean the difference between a happy Spring Break and an unhappy return, so take the necessary steps to keep your home safe while you’re away.

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