What Personal Possessions To Leave At Home This Vacation

Many people make a list of items to remember when going on vacation, but did you know that there are certain items that you should leave home to avoid losing them? Your valuables are best left behind so that you don’t lose them in transit or have them stolen from your hotel.

You should leave all of your valuable jewelry home when going on vacation. Hotel safes are not as secure as they may seem, as they can be reset by the hotel staff. Also, these items are so small that they can be easily lost or misplaced and would be difficult to find.

You may want to consider leaving your laptop or other small electronics, such as tablets or netbooks, at home too. These items can be easily stolen from your hotel room or luggage and are very expensive to replace.

If you will not need your passport or social security card, leave these items at home. They can be difficult to replace and can cause identity theft problems if found by the wrong person. Also, leave behind any credit cards or debit cards that you will not be using on your vacation. Only take the items that you really need so that you will have to keep track of only a few important items.

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Ten Ways To Keep Your Family’s Financial Information Secure

Many families in this day and age are struggling to keep their financial information secure. In the modern era where everything has been digitized and the internet reigns supreme, special care should always be taken to do what is necessary to keep your information safe from identity thieves and other crooks alike. There are several important steps involved in ensuring that your personal information never falls into the wrong hands.

When using the internet, always have your virus protection turned on and your browser security enabled. By doing what is needed to keep malware and Trojans off of your machine, you are effectively keeping your personal information out of the hands of hackers and crooks. If you allow these people to slip through and gain access to your computer, you are putting you and your family at great risk for identity theft.

Also, make sure to only use your credit card on secure, safe, trustworthy sites. Many people don’t realize the importance of only using secure sites when paying with a credit card, so for this reason, they become identity theft victims rather quickly. Make sure to always be careful and if you are unsure, use a prepaid credit card or simply stay away altogether. Also, use hard to guess passwords on all sites requiring registration and remember to change them often.

Whatever you do, just remember that the most important thing you can do for your family is to keep your personal information safe and secure. Have fun surfing the internet, but always stay safe.

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Three Other Times Your Personal Information Is In Jeopardy

Keeping your personal information safe is a full time job and you must be proactive in order to be successful in keeping it out of criminals hands. Your personal information can be compromised at any time and there are certain things you should look out for.

Purchasing a New Home
When you purchase a new home you will be required to fill out a lengthy application that will ask for a lot of personal information such as your full legal name, your social security number, your banking information and your job history. Before turning over all of this information you need to make sure that your dealing with a reputable company and that they have security measures in place in order to prevent identity theft.

Sending Off Your Mail
Believe it or not but your mailbox can be a dangerous place for you and your identity. Criminal will go through your mail and steal any personal information that they can find. When the piece the information together they will be able to apply for loans and credit cards in your name. To protect yourself from this you can drop your mail off directly at the post office.

Shopping Online
Shopping online is one of the easiest ways that a criminal can steal your credit card information. Once you enter your credit card number they will be able to capture it and start shopping with your credit card. It’s easy to shop online but it’s easier for your personal information to be compromised. Try to go directly to a store to purchase the things that you need.

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