Three Other Times Your Personal Information Is In Jeopardy

Keeping your personal information safe is a full time job and you must be proactive in order to be successful in keeping it out of criminals hands. Your personal information can be compromised at any time and there are certain things you should look out for.

Purchasing a New Home
When you purchase a new home you will be required to fill out a lengthy application that will ask for a lot of personal information such as your full legal name, your social security number, your banking information and your job history. Before turning over all of this information you need to make sure that your dealing with a reputable company and that they have security measures in place in order to prevent identity theft.

Sending Off Your Mail
Believe it or not but your mailbox can be a dangerous place for you and your identity. Criminal will go through your mail and steal any personal information that they can find. When the piece the information together they will be able to apply for loans and credit cards in your name. To protect yourself from this you can drop your mail off directly at the post office.

Shopping Online
Shopping online is one of the easiest ways that a criminal can steal your credit card information. Once you enter your credit card number they will be able to capture it and start shopping with your credit card. It’s easy to shop online but it’s easier for your personal information to be compromised. Try to go directly to a store to purchase the things that you need.