What Personal Possessions To Leave At Home This Vacation

Many people make a list of items to remember when going on vacation, but did you know that there are certain items that you should leave home to avoid losing them? Your valuables are best left behind so that you don’t lose them in transit or have them stolen from your hotel.

You should leave all of your valuable jewelry home when going on vacation. Hotel safes are not as secure as they may seem, as they can be reset by the hotel staff. Also, these items are so small that they can be easily lost or misplaced and would be difficult to find.

You may want to consider leaving your laptop or other small electronics, such as tablets or netbooks, at home too. These items can be easily stolen from your hotel room or luggage and are very expensive to replace.

If you will not need your passport or social security card, leave these items at home. They can be difficult to replace and can cause identity theft problems if found by the wrong person. Also, leave behind any credit cards or debit cards that you will not be using on your vacation. Only take the items that you really need so that you will have to keep track of only a few important items.