Door Hardware Tips: Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks consist of bolt on a lock that is moved by turning the key or knob without activation of a spring. There are single and double cylinder and keyless locks.

  • Single cylinderdeadbolts require a key to unlock and lock the door from the outside. From inside the door can be locked and unlocked with a simple turning the thumb turn mechanism.
  • Double cylinder deadbolts have a keyed cylinder on both sides of the door. These types of deadbolts require a key lock to unlock from both sides.
  • Keyless Electronic Deadbolts do not require a key to enter. Keyless deadbolts are programmable so you can enter a code to lock and unlock the door.Deadbolt Lock

Advantages of deadbolt locks

Standard or the old traditional locks can be unlocked forcibly or can be unlocked with a key or knife as they operate on spring mechanism. Deadbolt locks are impossible to open in this manner. Locksmiths advise deadbolts to improve your home security the use of deadbolt locks is the best as these comes with patented digital technology and so burglars will have no choice then leave your house for some other one. Often people prefer the use of passwords to ensure security of their house. Most of the deadbolt locks come with backlit keypad and an intruder alarm.

Electronic keyless deadbolt locks are quite common among consumers. They offer you with a simple, manageable and sound security system. Keyless deadbolt locks come with lighted keypad so that you are able to enter the code even if it is installed in the dark areas of your home. You can keep at least 19 personal identification codes. Installation of the deadbolt locks is complicated so leave that job to an expert or else your lock might not work properly.

Top Brands

Top brands of deadbolt locks and their difference in model.

Consumers pick and choose locks according to their concerns of a break in. The choice of lock depends on howmuch security you want and how much you are ready to pay. Here are some brands of deadbolt locks:

Schlage: the Company with a history of over 80 years I sometop brands of n manufacturing of locks, door knobs and other hardware. The price for typical deadbolt stars from $30 with maximum price of $110 depending on the type and style.


Schlage deadbolt

Kwikset: This Company was founded in 1946. It manufactures a complete line of door locks and other hardware. The price of the products vary from $12up to $220.


The iTouchless Bio-Matic BM002U, $250, is the most expensive lock. It opens by fingerprint, passcode, or key. But while it claims “maximum protection for yourself and your loved ones,” it was among the easiest to defeat.

Another popular are the Baldwin Prestige 93800-001, $34; Kwikset 99800-087, $28; and keypad-operated Kwikset 99090-001, $100.

For advanced home security, keyless deadbolt lockscan be replaced by any standard deadbolt lock. Certain models in deadbolt locks have alarm which activates if wrong password is entered more than three consecutive times.

Kwikset 909 Smart Code Electronic Deadbolt featuring Smart Key

The SmartCode touchpad electronic deadbolt is a one-touch locking motorized deadbolt, and it is battery operated, so hard wiring is not required.Customizable user access codes and easy to program user access codes for increased security.

Yale real living keyless are touchscreen deadbolt locks. This Keyless deadbolts can be powered by 9-volt battery in emergency

Professional Installation

If you are a handy person you can  install the deadbolt locks by yourself, however  i strongly advise you to consult with a local locksmith near you to have it professionally installed, it’s your family’s security that depends on it. A certified locksmith can not only give you advise on what lock  or deadbolt to choose, they can also perform a security audit that goes well beyond changing your locks. To find a local locksmith in your area use the locksmith near me search here and contact a certified 24-hour locksmith near you that not only can advise you, but is also able to help you if you locked yourself out of a similar emergency situation.


Security grades for deadbolts

American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a private non-profit organization that administers and coordinates voluntary standardization to develop and maintain performance standards for builder’s hardware.

  • Grade 1: Usually used on commercial applications or where the toughest, most secure locks are needed.Tested to withstand 1 million opening and closing cycles. 1 Inch Latch Bolt. Can withstand 10 strikes of 75 pounds of force (150 foot-pounds).
  • Grade 2: A mid-grade lock for a mid-grade price — usually used on residential doors. Tested to withstand 800,000 opening and closing cycles. 5/8 Inch Latch Bolt. Can withstand 5 strikes of 75 pounds of force (120 foot-pounds).
  • Grade 3: Usually used as a secondary security measure on a door. Tested to withstand 800,000 opening and closing cycles. 5/8 Inch Latch Bolt. Can withstand 2 strikes of 75 pounds of force (90 foot-pounds).

Schlage deadbolts have an ANSI Grade 1 security rating – this is the highest level of residential security available.

What to look for when buying deadbolt locks

  • No matter what type of deadbolt locks you buy, there are certain important points to be kept in mind while purchasing a deadbolt lock. It is recommended to go for a deadbolt lock that has been rated grade 1 as it has been tested with at least 250,000 open/close cycles and has a bolt that is inserted at least 1 inch into the door frame. Also, a grade 1 deadbolt lock can withstand a minimum of 10 hammer blows before giving way. Always avoid cheap locks with no ANSI ratings.
  • Avoid purchasing a double cylinder lock. In an emergency using a double cylinder lock may land you in a difficulty while escaping from your house.
  • Underwriters Laboratory is another very well-known and respected organization that tests various types of products and develops standards for them. In order for a deadbolt lock to meet UL 437 standards, the lock must be able to resist various types of attacks, such as: drilling, picking, prying and hammer attacks. So, always look for the underwriter’s UL 437 rating on any deadbolt lock you purchase.
  • Whenever purchasing a deadbolt lock never purchase a lock which havescrews less than 3inches in length. Longer screws that are used to attach the strike plate of the lock will allow you to insert the screws not only into the doorjamb, but into the door frame as well. The door frame is significantly stronger than the doorjamb and will further increase resistance and door strength should someone try to push through the door.



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