Stop a Burglar in His Tracks

Hopefully you never find yourself the victim of a home burglary.  Dealing with that is much more severe than if you could deter a burglar before he ever enters your home.  One of the new trends in the home security market is driveway alarms.  Coming with a range of different features and uses, the basic goal of these alarms is to alert you if someone is approaching your house.  These systems can also be useful in non-threatening situations by informing you when expected guests are arriving.

Infrared motion detectors are gaining popularity in the security market and are now being used in driveway alarms as well.  The 600 ft. Range Deluxe Driveway Alarm from Gadget Shack is a two-device system that uses infrared technology.  The motion detector is used to pick up human or vehicle motion, which will then trigger a sound on the receiver.  You can also program the device to use different beeps which will sound according to which area the motion was detected from.  Additional receivers can be added to this device so that you can be alerted of motion wherever you are in your house.

The wireless age is also moving into the home security market and many driveway alarms use wireless technology for easier installation and larger monitoring ranges.  The Murs Alert device combines infrared and wireless technology for added protection.  The monitor can send signals to the receiver from several miles away.  The two devices can also be used for voice communication.

Some home owners prefer a device that can’t be seen by visitors or burglars, in which case the MIER DA-500 Driveway Alarm is a great product to consider. A metal detecting probe is buried in the ground which detects vehicles and then sends a signal to a receiver in your home or business alerting you of visitors.

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Home Security Devices for Extra Protection

Using a security alarm and secure locks on all doors should be your top priorities when it comes to protecting your family and belongings.  Safe practices and tips also help to ensure your protection, but if you are looking for something a little extra to ensure peace of mind, there are many useful products on the market to consider.

Security cameras are great ways to deter burglars as well as catch a thief in the unfortunate event of a break in.  These devices come in an array of styles and designs to meet your needs.  The Swann Digital Wireless Security Camera with Receiver provides adjustable surveillance with pan, tilt and zoom features.  IR night vision technology ensures that you can capture whatever image necessary, even at night.

Another device that is an easy way to increase security at your home is a door brace.  These bars are usually made of steel and are placed under the door knob to prevent entry.  They are especially useful when you plan on traveling.  Even if a burglar found a hidden key, they won’t be able to open the door.  The Master Lock Dual Function Door Security Bar is made of 20-gauge steel and is adjustable to fit different size doors.  This product can be bought at Kmart for $23.49, making it an inexpensive way to improve your home security.

Glass break sensors are another useful device to install in your home.  Some home security systems offer this as part of a package, but if you don’t have this feature and don’t want to change packages, separate glass break sensors can be purchased and installed.  Brick House Security‘s GlassBreak sensor can be purchased for $149.00 and can detect the sound of breaking glass from 2,000 feet away.  The lithium battery in this device can last for 2-3 years so you aren’t constantly changing a battery or worrying if the battery will die.

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