Why Wireless?

Most of the major home security companies are now offering wireless security devices.  These systems save time and money in installation because, unlike traditional wired security systems, no walls have to be cut to run the wires. Traditional wired systems are most easily installed with the building of a new home, because otherwise installation is very messy and invasive.  However, wireless systems can be installed anytime, anywhere.  Another difference in these systems is the way in which information is sent to the security company or police station.  Wired systems send signals through cable lines, while wireless devices use radio signals, which can often be faster.

In addition to the easier installation and faster communication times, wireless systems have a number of additional features that can be incorporated using the technology.  ADT, one of the nation’s leading security companies, offers a wireless keychain remote that allows you to turn your alarm on or off with one simple button.  Wireless systems are also now permitting activation and deactivation from remote sites, particularly with the use of smart phones.  The Apple App store recently introduced the ADT Pulse Interactive Control which can be downloaded onto the iphone for free and used to arm or disarm your system no matter where you are.

Another big name in the home security industry, GE, is also offering wireless devices for their home security packages.  The GE Security Pro 1000 is a sophisticated yet easy to use system that can be installed using wireless technology.  The system also provides a wireless key chain for easy control.  Your system can also be set to control appliances, lights and the garage door, allowing for consolidated management of your home.

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