Combat Car Crime

Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of daily security is the very vehicle by which we maintain our mobility. Cars are an invaluable tool in getting from A to B but when used carelessly can be a beacon for criminals on the lookout, whether it’s the car itself in question or what it tells the savvy culprit about potential weak links your lifestyle. Use this advice concerning car-related crimes to your advantage. Mind Your Make and Model You might think it’s only high end car models that attract the eye of auto-thieves, but did you know the most commonly stolen car in the United States is the Toyota Camry. This is not only due to the relative prevalence of Camrys as compared to many other models, but also the demand for their relatively interchangeable parts. It should go without saying, don’t park your 100,000 sports car in an area that might seem shady, but just because you drive a run of the mill automobile doesn’t mean you are out of harm’s way. Check Your Plates Many vehicle owners do not know their own license plate numbers by heart, making them increasingly vulnerable to plate switches. A plate switch can be advantageous in covering up a stolen vehicle. When an officer runs the plates on your car and they show up as under suspicion of grand theft auto or a similar crime, you may end up being detained or temporarily jailed for a crime you didn’t commit. Do Not Leave Valuables in Plain Sight Even a locked vehicle is only one pane of glass away from access from the outside. Cars were not meant as safes as vehicles that are plenty secure for passenger travel are not secure against outside entry. By the time you or a concerned neighbor responds to a car alarm, wallets, laptops or any other valuable commodity left on a seat may be long gone. Lock Your Doors It should go without saying but even otherwise wouldn’t-be criminal passer-bys can be tempted the unlocked car door, even if the driver is just running inside for a quick minute. If the only uninhibited effort required to take an iPod or even change cup is just a door handle away, the urge to make a quick buck can tough to overcome for small-time crooks. Don’t Park in the Dark Whenever possible, saddle up next to a street light as a deterrent to car crime. Overnight parking in a poorly lit area affords plenty of cover whether for adolescent pranksters or more serious criminals, both of which operate primarily in the late night hours.