Five Extra Security Measures For Your Personal Information

It should go without saying that protecting your personal information is vitally important today. With just a small amount of personal information crooks may be able to wipe out bank or investment accounts before being detected. Here are five extra security tips for your personal information.

Credit Alerts:
For a small monthly fee you can sign up with the credit bureaus to receive alerts any time someone is applying for credit in your name. This can be a great way to be notified if there is any illegal activity on your accounts.

Credit Freeze:
A credit freeze is a step beyond a credit alert. Fees vary by state and credit bureau; however, most fees are very small. Freezing your credit essentially creates an impenetrable barrier to your credit accounts. Each bureau will issue a pin number and every time you apply for credit you have to call the bureau and un-freeze your credit.

Dedicated Computer:
Because of large amounts of computer viruses and spyware it may be wise to use two different computers in your home or business. One computer would be designated for only accessing bank and brokerage accounts. The other computer would be used for e-mail and browsing online.

Email Scams:
Never respond to an e-mail asking for personal information. If your bank or any other institution you do business with needs information they will call you on the phone.

Phone Scams:
If you do receive a phone call from a company you do business with which sounds legit you can still take an extra step. Ask for the individual’s name and simply tell them you will call them back. Call the company directly and ask for the person by name to avoid getting scammed on the phone.