How To Keep Your Office Safe When You’re Away

The next time you leave your office think about whether you’ve taken the necessary steps to keep it protected while you are not there. There are some simple steps that you can take and also have peace of mind that your information and possessions are safe.

Remember to keep lockable filing cabinets locked. Control who has the key to those important files if you have a number of employees. You can also lock desk drawers if your office is laid out in cubicles.

Never select the “remember my password” on computers or websites.Check out this link here. This makes it too easy for any passerby to take a look at what is on your computer.

If you currently work off a laptop you can bring it home with you. If not there are a number of different computer cable locks that can be use to secure it to a desk or other stationery object. Many look at these and make an assumption that they are flimsy or easily cut through. That is not the case and any amount of extra work that a crook might have to take when stealing will dissuade them from trying.

Those are few ways to secure your information and possessions at the office.