Ten Safety Measures To Take Before Going On Vacation

With the summer vacation season approaching fast many of us will be eagerly setting out on our long awaited breaks from the grind. But before you get so excited that you forget to plan safety into the equation take a look at the top ten safety measures to take prior to going on that trip.

1.Always let at least two separate sets of people know where you will be traveling to, where you are staying and if you plan to make stops in different locations.
2.Secure your home. Lock all the doors and windows.
3. Lock valuables up in a safe, bank safety deposit box or leave them with someone you trust.
4.Shut down computers and ensure that you don’t have passwords written somewhere and lying around.
5.Stop all deliveries for the duration of your leave or have a trusted neighbor gather mail and packages that are left. Piles of unchecked mail are tell-tale signs of your absence to burglars.
6.Keep your home seeming as though it is lived in. Put timers on lights to turn on and off at random intervals. Turn the ringer off or down on the phones.
7.Have a neighbor do a walk around the house once a day to ensure no break-ins have occurred.
8.Do not advertise on blogs, forums or social networking sites that you are going on vacation. You don’t know who is going to read these!
9.Call the local police department and request a patrol of your house from time to time. Many will oblige on a time permits basis.
10.If possible have a neighbor park their car in your driveway at nights.

Those are the top ten safety tips to implement BEFORE going on vacation. Have fun and enjoy!